Is Ruby 3.4 Released?

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There is no clear information about release of Ruby 3.4

Meet Ruby 3.4

  • Introduce Fiber.
  • Introduce IO#timeout
  • Class#attached_object
  • Stdlib updates
  • Constant lookup when defining a class/module
  • Removed constants: Fixnum, Bignum, Random::DEFAULT, Struct::Group, Struct::Passwd

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You can check the version of Ruby you are using by running the following command in your terminal:
ruby -v
This will output the version of Ruby you are using.

About Ruby

Ruby is a dynamically typed programming language, that uses garbage collection and just-in-time compilation.

Ruby is a relatively new language, released for the first time in 1995, where it was created by a single man Yukihiro Matsumoto, after no less than 2 years of developing it. Ruby is a multi-paradigm language, but the main focus is object-oriented programming, where even the classes (bool, str, etc.) are objects in their own right. Nevertheless, Ruby also allows very useful, functional programming characteristics, which makes it flexible for users of different backgrounds to develop and do their work in this particular language. Learning more about Ruby will help us understand its popularity, which is not as enormous and widespread as Python, but it is still something that many programmers recur to when finding languages to develop their ideas in.

Ruby is comparable to languages like Java or Python in the number of options that it features. Ruby has great applications in back-end development, mainly in the areas of e-commerce, where consumers demand increasingly complex and useful applications and websites. A lot of very popular web pages run mostly on Ruby in their backend, including AirBnB, Kickstarter, Hulu, among many others. Developers continue to develop in Ruby because of the active community and the constant fixes that developers publish for any flaws that the users of the language can find. It is also a very elegant and simple language with a relatively small learning curve, which makes it great for beginner developers wanting to get into web development.

Ruby is remarkable because even when the community agrees that its best days of mainstream glory are long gone, many companies still utilize the language, and as a result, Ruby is the language of choice for a lot of world-class developers. It seems that it may be is not so dead after all. Ruby has the amazing feat that only the likes of Python and Java can claim as well, they all feature a killer exception handling, which means that debugging and fixing code, even when one is not the original creator of it, is extremely useful. Ruby is constantly praised by its users for its simplicity and elegance, but Matsumoto himself has declared that the complexity behind what the programmer can see is what allows such elegant solutions for everyone.


Ruby is currently on the 3.0.1 release, which was put out on the 5th of April of the present year, 2021. Ruby is consistently updated, with over 4 other releases before the stable 3.0.1 in the same year. This goes to show how well maintained the language is, even if not as popular as before.